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Release the Body!

Baby Unwind, only $25

*a $10 savings*

Baby Unwind walks the parent through different movement techniques and simple craniosacral techniques.

It is designed for babies who are struggling with body/ head side preference, reflux/ spitting up, colic behaviors, mouth breathing, congestion, gassiness, constipation, sleep disturbances, overall body tension/ discomfort and so much more. 

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Get Unstuck$40

This course walks you through common feeding difficulties and how to troubleshoot them. Topics include: 


Paced feeding

Feeding Method

Types of support

Bottle and Nipple choices

Loss of milk, clicking, low tone, gagging, reflux 

Getting in the mouth

Bottle Aversion and Refusal

Tummy Time and Guppy

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This guide does not serve as medical advice and should not be used under conditions where an individualized assessment or alternative medical plan of care has been established. 
Activities are to guide and facilitate change, but not guaranteed as every child is different.